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Allergies and how to deal

Allergies and how to dealThe most active time when rampant allergies – from may to August. Parents in this period, actively procured the drugs for themselves and their children.

The cause of the outbreak is an all flowering plant species.

Examining, medical sites and reading books on medicine, you can get information that the Allergy is manifested as rhinitis, so it is very easy to confuse with normal SARS. In order to ensure that the cause of snot was not cold and it is an allergic reaction, carefully observe the child. Unlike colds, allergic rhinitis increases when going out or going on nature. Also, preferably, if you find yourself or your child a sense of “constant” cold, weakness, fast fatigue – look to the allergist and turn in the analysis, since only samples for allergens will indicate the true cause of the ailment. Continue reading

Allergic to bloom

pharmacy in tabletsThis so-called hay fever or seasonal allergies to flowering plants. Many of those who suffer from this scourge, a lethal medication prescribed by doctors. But, there are a few proven tips that will tell you how to deal with allergies.

How to deal with allergic to flowering plants (trees, birch, poplar fluff, ambrosia)

To overcome this disease, you should try to adapt to irritating factors, but it needs to strengthen the immune system and cleanse the body from harmful substances. This will help the hips. Drink daily at bedtime half a Cup of broth hips. Better this broth to make in small quantities, in order to be able to use it, and the next day to make a new one. The only method of strengthening the immune system is the hardening of water. Continue reading