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What is Allergy and how to fight it

What is Allergy and how to fight itAllergy treatment

Imagine for a moment: the sun is shining, the birds are singing, cheerful company nearby, and one is bad, he is very upset. Just a little bit and the skin will blister will become difficult to breathe, and from his eyes tears will flow. Familiar picture? If Yes, then you are a typical allergies, and we have something to talk about!

Allergies called change the sensitivity of the living organism to external influences unfamiliar, alien to this body of substances and components of the tissues with a distinct response. And since such substances great variety, and allergies are just uncountable. What can react in this way man? Yes to all! In sunlight, the scent of herbs and flowers, poplar fluff, orange, honey, Oriental sweets, household chemicals, paint, synthetic fabrics, medicines, canned food and seafood. This list has no end. And all because of some change in the sensitivity! What actually is this the most sensitivity? Continue reading