A message from the doctor

A message from the doctorA message from the doctor that I am allergic often sounds like a death sentence: can’t be cured, can only weaken suffering. Question for the patient is vitally relevant, let’s carefully consider this serious problem.

Causes allergies

• Pollen during flowering.

• The dust.

• Wool.

• Substances with strong odor.

• Skin particles, saliva, urine is allowed.

• Some foods (citrus, strawberry, chocolate).

• Tobacco smoke.

• Chemical irritants in the workplace.

• Household chemicals.

A complete list substances allergens is much wider above, so that for one person to be an irritant for another will not cause any reaction. It depends on many objective and subjective reasons:

Many stimuli can be identified after taking blood and urine tests to conduct specific tests on various substances. For this, you must make an appointment to see the doctor the allergist. This will rid his bad habits, and your life will become easier.