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Allergic to bloom

pharmacy in tabletsThis so-called hay fever or seasonal allergies to flowering plants. Many of those who suffer from this scourge, a lethal medication prescribed by doctors. But, there are a few proven tips that will tell you how to deal with allergies.

How to deal with allergic to flowering plants (trees, birch, poplar fluff, ambrosia)

To overcome this disease, you should try to adapt to irritating factors, but it needs to strengthen the immune system and cleanse the body from harmful substances. This will help the hips. Drink daily at bedtime half a Cup of broth hips. Better this broth to make in small quantities, in order to be able to use it, and the next day to make a new one. The only method of strengthening the immune system is the hardening of water.

If you tried all means from hayfever, but they didn’t help, and you don’t know how to deal with this disease, first of all, enjoy the benefits of colon cleansing. Good to use for this kelp (laminaria). It is better to buy in granules and to take at bedtime. During the night of the capsule will dissolve, and on the morning the body is cleansed of toxins.

In addition to the prevention of seasonal allergies can help to fight Shilajit (buy it at the pharmacy in tablets). Make a solution of: 1 liter heated to 60 degree water to 1 g of Shilajit. Take 100 g of a solution of 1 times a day 1 hour before Breakfast. If Allergy symptoms are very strong, you can take this solution 2 times daily, 1 hour before meal.

In the period of exacerbation of hay fever don’t forget, coming from the street, wash your face with cool water. Head try to wash each time taking a shower, and clothing should be changed daily, as on our hair and clothing could be residual pollen or other allergen.

To alleviate the condition if you are allergic to flowering will help complex tools (loratadine, Eden, Erespal). Eye swelling Allergy drops relieve Patanol (prolonged use, even for the purpose of prevention or Sofradex (no longer than 5 days). Before taking the drugs is better to consult a doctor (internist, allergist, ophthalmologist) — all medications have a list of contraindications.

Be healthy!

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