Allergic To Buckwheat – How to Fight the Disease

Allergic To Buckwheat – How to Fight the Disease10 years ago any doctor was willing to confirm that allergies to buckwheat can be. How else, after all, for many babies this cereal is the first food of life, and therefore as safe as possible for the body of the newborn. However, recent data confirm the fact that allergies, which is the plague of the XXI century, may appear from this indispensable to human body product.

The fact of allergic reactions to the use of buckwheat surprised even seasoned doctors, because this product does not contain the main allergen – gluten, and therefore is widely used in the nutrition of infants and sick people. Not to say that an allergic reaction to buckwheat is widely distributed, but in this case, the Allergy knows no age limits. To it may appear like a baby, which for the first time after mother’s milk tried weaning and in adults.

However, some physicians are not surprised allergic reactions to buckwheat, explaining this fact high content of proteins in the plant. Because cause a similar allergic nuts in which the content beks quite high. There are negative reactions to buckwheat, mostly younger kids that used to be interpreted by doctors as individual intolerance to the product. Today, increasingly, such reactions are allergic in nature.

As for people adults, at allergic reactions to buckwheat they pours hives or swollen lips. In this case, you must immediately take any antihistamine medication and soon to make an appointment to see an allergist. Not the fact that the reaction gives the product, because there may be manifestations of cross-allergies, then there are allergies to group similar products with the same set of amino acids. You need to understand that when the body’s reaction to buckwheat, it should be temporarily excluded from the diet, and possibly even go on a hypoallergenic diet, eliminating from the diet all allergic foods.

Newborn parents give buckwheat without concern for possible allergic manifestations, however, if the skin appeared suspicious rash, there is a possibility that the baby suffers from a food Allergy and the allergen, like buckwheat. Interestingly, not always the rash appears immediately after consumption of the product. Relax in no case should not be, because may be the fact a cumulative Allergy. But if the parents of the kid already had allergic symptoms after eating foods with buckwheat, baby give such cereals have with extreme caution and as little as possible.

To make sure that an allergic reaction gives the product, and not some other young parents should do daily entries marked dishes that ate the kid in particular time. If you have Allergy in infants fed only mother’s milk, you have to write everything a nursing mother eats. In addition, you must consult doctors such as a pediatrician, allergist, and immunologist and gastroenterologist, after all, allergic signs are so individual that to establish the cause is only possible after passing a specific test. The most popular among all is immunofermentnyi assay (ELISA), which allows most likely to detect IgE antibodies in serum. When the allergen cannot install even in this highly efficient method, the patient is prescribed an elimination diet based on the exclusion of allergenic products.

If you are allergic to buckwheat, anyone is better just to abandon the use of this product and not put themselves at risk. But if the kids are strictly forbidden to give this cereal, then adults may occasionally eat meals with buckwheat, but no more than once a week. It should also be understood that medications will not cure allergies, but only to help relieve the symptoms and improve the condition and therefore the most effective tip in combating this disease is to avoid the allergen. Protect yourself and your kids!