Allergic to Pets or how to deal with allergies to Pets?

Allergic to Pets or how to deal with allergies to Pets?If it so happened that having a pet, you started sneezing and coughing, on the body there is any rash, and my eyes were constantly itchy and watery, you know – you have an Allergy to animals. A few tips on how to be in this situation will help you understand probleme.

Of course, the most ideal solution, giving a full guarantee, is not to have animals at all. However, if you still are determined and that you can’t stop ourselves from wanting to leave a pet – get ready, we’ll have to seriously work hard. But I assure you that it is sometimes much harder to get rid of his beloved dog, than to make an effort.

Do not let your pet into the bedroom . About one third of their life sleep, limiting access to your pet in the bedroom you can significantly improve your health. In addition to bedrooms you should think about reducing the amount of allergen and around the house. That is, the attempt to apply the rule of limited access as efficiently as possible in those places, where you spend the most time – dining room, office, kitchen or bathroom. In fact, living space pet should be reduced to a minimum.

House pet. If you have a terrace or a patio, you can arrange for the animal there is a cozy house or a doghouse. Thus the amount of allergen in the house to be further reduced.

Bathe animals more often. It is proved that weekly bathing of the animal reduces the amount of allergen, although ideally this should be done twice a week, because just after three days the amount of the allergen is the same. Comb, too, is often, by itself it is better to do on the street. Of course to deal with animals better someone is not allergic to it. Often this responsibility falls on the family: children or spouses.

Furniture covers. Carpets, pillows, mattresses, sofas, all these things have the ability to accumulate in the allergen itself since the lower layers are almost impossible to clean. Even if you vacuum them every day . to achieve the desired result will still fail. On this and on pillows, mattresses and sofas need to wear special anti-Allergy covers and carpets and even better to say goodbye.

Temperature matters. Wash linen at a temperature of at least 60 °C, this will kill most allergens. Though it can take weeks or even months, before liquidated the entire allergen ( known cases where people suffering from pet allergies, the symptoms of the disease manifested itself a year later after they gave the animal to reduce its amount to a minimum you can have right now.

Air cleaner. One of the most effective ways to combat the allergen is the installation of the air cleaner with protivoallergennymi filter. As the particles of the allergen is very small, most of them flying in the air. Passing it through a air cleaner keeps dust and small particles of the allergen and safeguard human allergies.