July 2020
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Allergies and how to deal

Allergies and how to dealThe most active time when rampant allergies – from may to August. Parents in this period, actively procured the drugs for themselves and their children.

The cause of the outbreak is an all flowering plant species.

Examining, medical sites and reading books on medicine, you can get information that the Allergy is manifested as rhinitis, so it is very easy to confuse with normal SARS. In order to ensure that the cause of snot was not cold and it is an allergic reaction, carefully observe the child. Unlike colds, allergic rhinitis increases when going out or going on nature. Also, preferably, if you find yourself or your child a sense of “constant” cold, weakness, fast fatigue – look to the allergist and turn in the analysis, since only samples for allergens will indicate the true cause of the ailment.

Don’t despair – an Allergy is not a life-long diagnosis. Today, children are increasingly being replaced by allergenspecific immunotherapy. It is the rate at which the body small doses introduced the causative allergen, and gradually (over 4-5 years) reaction to it disappears. Well, as for prevention, I can advise to maintain cleanliness in the nursery, and strengthen the immune system. Healthy lifestyle, healthy habits, exercise and unpleasant symptoms of this disease will be much less likely to bother you!