Allergies and how to fight it

Allergies and how to fight itAllergies, many scientists, called the epidemic of the twenty-first century. And it is, unfortunately, allergic reactions are identified now every fifth inhabitant of the planet.

And experts estimate that allergies and hidden Allergy affects about 40% of the inhabitants of our planet.

If we talk in medical terms, an Allergy is a reaction of immune system to certain external stimuli. As a result of which, the body produces immunoglobulins.

The concept of Allergy emerged relatively recently, in 1906. Pediatrician Clemens Von pirok so-called reaction of their young patients to stimuli in the environment. But this does not mean that until then, the doctors did not know of the Allergy. Hippocrates wrote that due to the use of some products because some people are having rashes on the skin.

He suggested that, as a result, for the treatment of this disease to follow a certain diet, i.e. a diet.

Very strong prevalence of Allergy in the second half of the twentieth century, if up to this point was observed only 1-2% Allergy-prone people, then this number increased to 40% of people with allergies.

Where does the Allergy and how to fight it

Before Allergy not particularly paying attention, phenomena such as anaphylactic shock and angioedema are rare. And rash, sneezing and runny nose special attention is not paid, and not before it, well, who cares what slezotochivogo eyes, when the city’s rampant plague, for example.

Interesting dependency theory proposed by David Strachan, he proved that than in the family more children, the less they have the chance of allergies.

I.e. the more the child has contact with others and the external environment, the less sterile world around him, the more he is protected from various allergic reactions.

Since the most common are food allergies, scientists have been struggling with the modification of food so as to clear them from the components that cause the reaction.

If you have an Allergy to wool, and to keep the animal houses still want. Then soon you will get rid of the need to take antihistamines, it will be enough to get a shot of your pet. And his health is not threatened in any way.

But it’s all in the future, but now to prevent the recurrence of allergic reactions, you need to avoid contact with allergens and take appropriate medications.