Allergies – the scourge of our time

Allergies - the scourge of our timeHow to deal with allergies? Is it possible to cure allergies? Cross-Allergy, detoxification, diet. Allergic to pollen.

Allergy. How many people suffer from it in the modern world. Symptoms completely throw me for a loop – snot, tears, headache, foggy, bad mood. Sometimes worse – problems with breathing and even anaphylactic shock, which is deadly.

What causes allergies? Its origin is shrouded in mystery, because it is rather strange that the body begins to react to harmless things like pollen. Some attribute the increase in the number of Allergy sufferers with impaired environment and the chemicalization of life. Perhaps that is the place to be and psychosomatics (rejection of something).

I confess that although I do love wild edible and medicinal plants, collect and consume them, teach other people the knowledge about herbs, I have allergies. Allergic to the pollen of grasses and sage.

So what to do? How to treat allergies? Doctors allergists say that it is impossible to cure and it is better to go where there are no allergens.

As a child I went to the injections, but they operated only one season. Basically, had to suffer all summer. Or traveling on the Volga Islands, I passed the time of flowering grasses, which are not there.

However, I learned about the phenomenon as cross-Allergy and life is easier.

After so many years of torment, the doctors are absolutely not done on the accent. Prescribed injections, pills, antihistamines, although it was possible to simply abandon the use of certain products.

Now in full bloom wild grasses right in town, and I go and breathe freely! How great!

But if I eat bread or biscuits – the reaction will be disastrous!

When blooming grasses I completely exclude:

bread, baked products




sausage, beer, vodka

Buckwheat becomes the undercarriage groats (buckwheat – buckwheat family, not cereals). And halva becomes instead of bread.

Allergic reaction are quite minimal, even if walking in the midst of flowering and dry weather. Is it worth it to suffer and to buy a tablet instead to exclude certain items, to sit on a special diet and fasting?

When actively blossoms mugwort I exclude halva and bread. Wormwood Compositae, the sunflower too.

But it is not always the same families, there are exceptions. For example, if peanut allergies cannot use latex.

And, of course, it is important to clean the body, to starve, not to use chemical products and household products, drinking blood purifying herbs and mixtures, purifying the blood, for example birch.

If you are allergic to pollen weeds can not eat: