Allergy to ragweed and my 7 ways to help

Allergy to ragweed and my 7 ways to helpWhen I hear my son reading about the ancient Greek gods, as they eat the ambrosia, I cringe. Very ambiguous I feel about this word. I, of course, because of his education understand that the divine ambrosia and one that torments me and deprives a full life every year from late July to October, very different from each other, But still… Apparently, for the seven years that I give an exaggerated reaction to the introduction in my mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, throat pollen that «contagion», my mind is already firmly drew Parallels: ambrosia — the enemy, compromise is impossible with him!

And if the first years I, sneezing and constantly rubbing his eyes, went through all sorts of anti-histamines, on your body, checking all the side effects and unwanted complications, recent years I switched to alternative ways of dealing with allergies .

Can’t say that I have defeated your «enemy» — ragweed, it would be a lie, and to lie in his blog I don’t want, but still some ways before tasted bring relief in this difficult time for me maximum and almost universal dusting of ragweed pollen.

Alternative methods of dealing with allergies to ragweed

Of course, one of the best ways to deal with allergies, it is not meet that provokes her. Naturally, this time taken a vacation and leaving their homes far to the North, where ambrosia just matured, or towards the sea. Sea air even on the Black sea coast in the Krasnodar region is very effective. Can’t say that allergies in Sochi and Tuapse completely goes away, but the situation with nasal congestion, watery and snot is definitely better.

As to the Mediterranean coast somewhere in Turkey, I spent 10 days in Alanya did not notice a single Bush ambrosia, and my state unequivocally reported that there allegorically all right. Although, when I was planning a trip there, Wikipedia hinted that the climate is very suitably in Turkey for this weed and it grows there. Perhaps the policy of the state and strong interest in the flow of tourists from Russia, but in the area of ambrosia resort towns completely eliminated.

Now the period is quite aggressive dusting pollen from ragweed increased, due to General warming and increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (a couple of decades ago, the flowering period lasted from mid-August until September 15-20, but now the first signs of Allergy appear in mid-July and ends mid-October) and so on for a long period of escape from their homeland to expect not to have, leave for two months just does not happen, so I suggest before tasted methods to help with allergies :

1. Fasting . preferably for a long period. I practiced 5-7 day fasting. On the water. By the end of the third day I had become much easier to breathe, I was able to sleep at night (less pledged nose and snot constantly flow). On the fifth day the eye was practically itching, swelling decreased, well were morcane every two hours, but it already can say that is a major improvement. By the end of the week I was hardly bothered me Allergy symptoms.

I do not exclude that if I had the courage to continue the hunger strike, and the results would be more permanent. However, at the beginning of September I have planned another attempt to storm your seasonal affective disorder with the help of fasting.

2 . The intake of Shilajit . Preferably 2-3 times a day. The dosage of this means I mercilessly exceeded, but the result on my physical condition was noticeable.

3. Cleaning of the body . in particular activated carbon. I also saw a few large doses than advised on the Internet, i.e. in the day I did it, not 7 tablets of coal on my 70 kg of weight, and 12-14.

4 . I tried and celery . advised in every other article of interest to me on a very acute Allergy to ragweed. I don’t know what to say, to support advisers can’t, I’m no medical reactions from its use have not noticed. Perhaps this is purely my individual reaction.

5. Tips can be used to treat allergies to ragweed calendula, the series seems to be good anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic herbs, but, here I am, frankly, fear of cross-Allergy. Explain. In remission I can eat the watermelon. sunflower seeds and products made from it, like brittles, halva, but in the acute phase all of the above is causing my increased symptoms. And very specific. Not sure if it happens the same with herbs? According to some herbal medicine — a very controversial method of treatment of an Allergy as hay fever or allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and their ilk, but the skin manifestations of allergies (rash, irritation, redness) perfectly calm these herbs.

6. There is evidence that it helps fight allergies bee products — propolis, zabrus, pollen . But there should be extra cautious, even if you have successfully used these tools in the off-season, it does not mean that when aggravation you will get exactly the result that I expect, namely recovery, or at least relieving the symptoms of allergies. If you try, you start microscopic doses, so that you can track your individual reaction.

7. There is a homeopathic technique «treat like with like», that is in June or in freezing to collect clumps of ambrosia . squeeze the juice or dry, to make a decoction, and drink 1 drop per day gradually increasing the dose in a month. Up to 15 drops and then back down. But here in my case, my mind is fiercely resistant to this method and I haven’t dared to try it. First, I’m afraid of crazy complications from ambrosia, and secondly, a collision with homeopathy I came up with is not the best, I about it already wrote here .

I hope that my experience in dealing with allergies to ragweed will help you, dear readers. And, of course, really looking forward to your responses, maybe someone tried some unconventional methods of treatment of an Allergy to ragweed, I would like to hear your opinion…