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Allergy to ragweed

Allergy to ragweedAllergy to ragweed – one of the most common seasonal form of allergic reactions in Ukraine.

Allergy to ragweed suffer almost all allergies, regardless of gender and age. In this case, the allergen is pollen from wind-pollinated plants, which generously ears on every lawn. Every Bush ambrosia sprays up to a billion units of pollen grains.

The ragweed pollen is flying with the wind over distances of over five hundred kilometers, so the chance to avoid contact is almost none. The period of flowering ragweed continues from July to September.

Allergy to ragweed:

Coryza, with constant allocation transparent liquid snot (aconselho secret). In severe allergies is characterized by paroxysmal sneezing.

Watery, bloodshot eyes.

Itchy skin, possible skin rash.

The cough may – paroxysmal. In severe allergic allergic bronchitis.

Suffocation happens when asthma symptoms of Allergy to ragweed

A tickle in the throat, there may be pain when swallowing.

If you ignore these symptoms, the severity of allergic manifestations will grow every year, up to bronchial asthma.

How to reduce the symptoms of allergies to ragweed:

In summer, use the air-conditioner.

Allergies to pollen – a rare case when the air conditioning has a positive effect on health. The air conditioner filters effectively prevent the penetration of pollen in the room.

Wet cleaning at least twice a day.

Don’t forget to clean street clothes, and allowed, if they walk in the street.

Often wash your hair and change your bedding often to reduce the time of contact with the allergen.

Take antihistamines.

There are several criteria by which to choose the drug for treatment of such allergies because the pollen season of ambrosia lasts up to three months:

The drug should be long-acting

Not to cause addiction

Not cause drowsiness

To be compatible with alcohol, other medications and not depend on eating

Upon both the early and late phase of the allergic process.

By the way, many antihistamines are generally effective only for prevention of allergies and is not valid on already begun the manifestation. Optimal active ingredient for the treatment of seasonal allergies is cetirizine and levocetirizine.

To help with dry eyes used the eye drops (artificial tears). To eliminate the effective cold nasal drops containing antihistamine and vasoconstrictor components.

To choose the right therapy to eliminate manifestations of Allergy to ragweed will help the allergist or family doctor.