February 2020
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Any allergies we owe their immunity

Any allergies we owe their immunityProbably no other disease can not boast of such growth, as allergic. According to statistics, over the last 20 years of the existence of various types of allergies has increased almost 4 times.

As a result, every fifth person on our planet has a particular constant allergies, that is inadequate the body’s response to various substances, manifested in direct contact with them.

What Allergy?

Substances can be very different and be ingested can in three ways: orally, when the allergen is ingested with food; through the respiratory system when we breathe in an allergen; contact — in contact with the allergen.

Substances can be quite harmless — it is in no poisons, no harmful bacteria. Just the immune system, for whatever reasons best known to itself suddenly and separates out some harmless substance, defines it as dangerous too vigorously and starts to fight with him.

It was sad but today had not been invented before reliable methods of treatment that will completely get rid of allergies. Medications can help, to stop, to prevent serious complications, but to eliminate allergies can’t.

Among the major allergens are house dust, pollen, mold, drugs, foods, insect bites, detergents.

And among the main symptoms of Allergy — edema of the mucosa of the nose, runny nose, tingling, what causes sneezing; redness, pain, and watery eyes (allergic conjunctivitis); difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, etc.; pain in the ears, hearing loss; skin rashes, skin Allergy, dermatitis, urticaria, etc.; edema; headache; fever.

The most common allergies — food. And the most common food allergies cause the eggs, cereals, milk and dairy products, nuts, citrus, seafood, soy, honey.

Plus the emergence of allergies contribute contained in food dyes, preservatives, chemical additives, flavor enhancers, flavorings, etc. Complex detox+ outputs from each cell in the body of harmful substances and toxins. Enhances cellular immunity, allowing the natural detoxification systems of the body can easily deal with any toxic and bacterial threats. A powerful natural antibiotic that possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, which can be used to combat a wide range of diseases.

How to deal?

Method of dealing here is one: to eliminate from the diet all that it will not accept the immune system.

Special care must be catering to children, whose immune system is not yet developed and very weak. This care should occur long before the appearance of a baby into the world — we are talking about nutrition and lifestyle of pregnant women.

After birth it is necessary to make maximum use of breast milk — this wonderful gift of nature. If it is necessary to apply the dry mixture, it is not necessary to rush from one to the other, testing the strength of the child’s stomach. Complementary foods should be entered very carefully, in keeping with the doctor’s instructions and with common sense.

If the child still appeared diathesis — which, unfortunately, happens often, — that we must have patience and identify the allergen is to avoid it altogether. Don’t need to go on about those who interpret about fashion now dysbacteriosis. Interference in that subtle, especially in young children, the case, as the gastro-intestinal flora, is permissible only in rare cases and only for serious reasons.

Patience, careful monitoring of the reactions of the organism, the formation of taste to healthy food, a personal example from adults will help to save the little man from problems with food allergies. Children’s complex Junior Halsey upholds the immunity of the child. Increases body resistance, can delay the growth and development of harmful microorganisms.

– For the first time the term “Allergy” was introduced by the Austrian pediatrician Clemens von pirok in 1906, the Name comes from the Greek words: allos — and other ergon — apply.

– A predisposition to an Allergy is inherited, so if one parent suffers from allergies, there is a 25% probability that their child will develop an Allergy. The chance of getting allergies is increased to 75-80% if suffer from allergies both parents.

– Recognized and proven that their great contribution to the spread of allergic diseases is making advanced hygiene. We achieve almost sterile cleanliness, and as a result the immune system, which is supposed to constantly be in combat with anything that is not in contact with antigens. Since it is not loaded enough (especially in children), the lack of real enemies begins to overreact to innocuous antigens. Not coincidentally, the incidence of Allergy in third world countries is several times lower than in developed countries.

– Other reasons — it is a General worsening environmental degradation and unsustainable implementation in the everyday life of household products. It invades and food production that contributes to the growth of food Allergy.