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medicines prescribed by an allergist

medicines prescribed by an allergistThe child had a rash on the skin and do not pass, although already drunk all medicines prescribed by an allergist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist. Passed the tests, made Allergology and found allergic to cow protein. Think you can shout Hooray! Because the allergen is identified. Do not hurry to rejoice. It’s not that simple.

The immune system reacts to the protein of milk by skin rash, constipation or diarrhea, as well as constant coughing and runny nose. Allergy may be accompanied by lactase deficiency (congenital disease) or can be an independent disease. In the first embodiment, at the termination of receipt of the allergen into the body microflora will bounce back, eventually failure will disappear of itself. It’s also worth noting that the Allergy occurs as one kind of protein and several of its varieties. Allergic to a particular protein can be detected only in the laboratory.

First, I want to warn that menus for children with allergies need to adjust together with your doctor.

Secondly, we will give only General recommendations on some of the foods that you can eat and which are not.

Allergy children can be included in the diet of rabbit meat, in addition, suitable and Turkey meat. Vegetables optimal “substitute” the calcium in cow’s milk would be broccoli. Also let the child eats the cabbage, apples, pears (preferably baked) – generally speaking, all “green”. In addition, choose a dairy-free porridge or cereal with goat milk. The lack of animal protein is compensated for inclusion in a menu of eggs.

“Forbidden” foods in this case – all cow’s milk (yogurt, cheese, yogurt, even some biscuits). In addition, you need to delete the calf because the calf is fed mother’s milk.

New products should be included in the diet gradually and carefully (in consultation with the doctor).

If we talk about babies, they are special adapted mixture of the fully digested protein, which being based on the soybean (“Humana SL”, “Prissou”, “Nutrilon soya”, “Enfamil-soy” etc.) or a hydrolysate of cow’s milk protein (NAN HA, Nutrilon HA, Nutrilon Comfort, Humana HA, Pricope, Nutrilon, Pepti pwsh, etc.). On the advice of a doctor, you can try a mixture of goat’s milk (Nannie, MD mil SP Goat, Cabrito). Breastfeeding woman is recommended to exclude from your diet dairy products.

When buying products, be sure to read their composition on the label. This covers virtually all products – though bakery, meat though. For example, in sausage sometimes added milk powder.

Experts advise to stick with the diet until such time as the digestive system is not fully Mature, i.e. approximately 3 years.