July 2020
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AllergyAllergy – is a word that is now many at the hearing. In some people there is an increased sensitivity to the action of those or other allergens – substances external and internal environment.

For people predisposed to the disease, an allergen can be any substance that surround it and the pollen, drugs, household chemicals, and household dust, and medicines, and pet hair, and food.

To Allergy may occur unexpectedly and go through the same. It should be noted that Allergy is also inherited, so if one parent has allergies, there is a 25% probability that the child will also have this disease. The chance of becoming allergic children increases if both parents suffer from allergies.

Analysis for allergens are one of the most common types of laboratory tests.

According to statistics, to date from various types of allergic diseases is suffering from 20 to 40% of people around the world. Unfortunately, the number of affected people is constantly increasing. Allergic diseases often suffered by children.

In medical practice currently uses two such blood analysis: the presence of antibodies in the blood and test for food intolerance. The latter is a blood test, which examines a broader range of products than in the skin samples.

To overcome such diseases as Allergy, not only to cure her symptoms. You need to find and fix the cause of these manifestations. The main task of the doctor-allergist is the search and identification of allergens.

Allergic pathology is very often accompanied by disturbances of the immune system. When immune deficiency is complicated by the occurrence of allergic diseases, which contributes to the development of various complications.

At the first symptoms of an Allergy it is necessary to ask a specialist allergist or immunologist.

As mentioned earlier, the main thing in the treatment of allergies – identifying the allergen that causes the main symptoms. Unfortunately, there are some difficulties in determining the allergen, as-Allergy (caused by one allergen-irritant) is very rare. Most often a person with allergic reaction to an allergen, is also allergic to many other.

The allergists there is even such a thing as a “cross-Allergy”. This phenomenon is interesting because when one known allergen, the Allergy outlines the group with food and plants that also act as allergens.