glands of animals

glands of animalsOne of the obstacles that may face a person who wants to have a home of York, is allergic!

The main allergen proteins glands of animals. Certain skin glands secrete specific proteins, called allergens and are contained in the fur, saliva and urine of animals. Tiny allergens easily spread in the air. In case of contact with skin or mucous membranes of a person suffering from allergies to animals, they cause an allergic reaction.

All Pets and birds can cause allergic diseases.

Allergens animals are among the most common allergens. Allergy to animals can be different and include:

– allergic rhinitis: sneezing, itching and nasal congestion, nasal discharge;

allergic conjunctivitis: itching, swelling, reddening of the eyes, lacrimation;

bronchial asthma: dry cough, wheezing in the chest, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or suffocation;

– atopic dermatitis or urticaria: skin rash, itching.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not cause allergies, does not exist. Patients who are allergic to dogs it is celebrated on any breed. Short-haired dogs are so allergic, as long-haired as the Allergy causing not only wool, but peeled skin cells, etc. as well as mites living in dog hair, and the products of its life.

According to experts, there are dog breeds that don’t cause their owners serious health problems. First of all, it breeds which virtually don’t shed . however, such dogs should be regularly cut and otherwise care for their six.

Hypoallergenic animals advertise in the first place, hairless dogs:

Mexican naked;

– Chinese crested;

The absence of hair really reduces the speed of propagation of waste products of the animal in the room and prevents dust concentration in the animal. But as compensation for the lack of coat, skin cancer hairless animals often have greater secretory activity – such animals are sweating more than their hairy counterparts, and therefore need frequent washing.