ALLERGIC TO ANIMALS? THE VERDICT IS NOT FINAL!You really want to have the cat or dog, but you deny yourself this, because you or your family allergic to animals? Or you picked up by accident on the street, and now suffer from Allergy symptoms and torn between love for furry pozoblanco, which has already become a member of your family, and their own well-being?

Do not rush to abandon animals forever! There are lots of ways that you can try before you give your pet to other people.

First – a few interesting facts that you should know anyone.

· Most people believe that allergies cause the wool, but it is not so. Allergies can be caused by the proteins contained in the saliva and urine of cats. And in that case, if your pet goes outside, it can bring on your wool other pathogens allergies: mold, lint, dust, pollen.

· Allergic to animals is associated with several allergens. This explains why people react to one animal, but it normally carries a contact with another.

· Cats are twice as likely to cause allergies than dogs.

· Proven that cats are spreading significantly less allergens than males, and the younger the kitten, the less of it allergens. Studies have shown that, regardless of breed or sex of cat, a much larger number of people have allergic reactions to cats dark color or pattern than cats light colored.

· It is proved that neutered cats are less allergic than non-castrated

· all cats skin flaking off, even if they have no wool, so there is no really “hypoallergenic” rocks. Although some breeds and has earned a similar reputation (for example, “bald” or short-haired), most likely due to the fact that these rocks are often combed and bathed, which reduces the amount of dandruff that fall is in the air. However, those cats who produce a lot of dander, can bring more trouble to their owners-people with allergies simply because of their long hair – which contains a large amount of dander and dried saliva – much more and it’s everywhere. Reasoning on the Internet and among friends about the hypoallergenic properties of this or that breed – to put it mildly, a publicity stunt distributors of a particular breed. “Victims” are often the clients of doctors-allergists. Be vigilant, do not be fooled!

· Very often: women are allergic to cats, but cats tolerate quietly, Vice versa for men.

· Now there are special medicinal preparations on the basis of cat allergens in the form of drops for oral administration or injection, which after treatment can significantly reduce the susceptibility of Allergy to allergens of cats.

What is actually allergic to?

Allergy is not a disease but the body’s response. Support your immune system! Some scientists believe that if a child is exposed to contact with allergens from infancy, in the future he will have lowered the risk of Allergy. Since nobody has experienced allergies in newborns. And, moreover, to fight the disease, insulated from the pathogen, is absurd. Someday paths will cross, and the body can cause unpredictable reactions. So we share the point of view of scientists about the need to “explain” the body how to react. Necessary to treat the disease itself, which is in man, not in cat.

To recognize Allergy can in the following symptoms: runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, shortness of breath. Symptoms may appear immediately after contact with a furry pet, but may occur a few hours.

With the appearance of Allergy it is recommended to visit an allergist who will help identify the cause and prescribe proper treatment.

Cats and dogs everywhere, in all entrances, in many apartments. If you do not do immunotherapy on time, without delay, You or Your child has a good chance of expanding the range of allergens. You need to immediately begin to fight.

Medication allergies

There are many types of allergies, your may not be associated with Pets. But if you find that you have an Allergy to cats/dogs, your allergist can develop a treatment regimen consisting of drugs and alternative methods, or advise allergen-specific immunotherapy that at least partially relieve you from suffering.

There are several methods of Allergy treatment.

Symptomatic treatment (non-specific hyposensitization) – the most common and in most cases is the initial stage. The method involves administering to the patient antihistamines (Suprastin, Zodac, Zyrtec, Aerius etc.) that prevent the production of antibodies to the allergen. With severe skin manifestations of Allergy may also be designated local or systemic anti-inflammatory drugs, until hormone (glucocorticoids – Hydrocortisone ointment, Elidel, Elokim, Advantan, etc.). Symptomatic treatment is justified for a single allergic reaction, in the case of permanent contact with the allergen requires treatment aimed not at eliminating the symptoms and addressing the causes of allergies.

To insulate themselves from allergen and to suppress the reaction is possible only for emergency care. But as treatment. Imagine the reaction when meeting with the allergen after a long period of “separation”. But it can happen. Besides, usually develop phobias. The doctors talk about people who have an allergic reaction caused even. the photo of the cat. And sedatives to reduce the reaction and reduce the immune system in General. There is treatment with hormones, but we believe that hormones should be administered as and surgery – only on vital occasions. So what’s the solution?

When there is no opportunity to avoid contact with the allergen, the only (but very effective!) the solution is Specific Immunotherapy (SIT) / specific desensitization – the treatment consists in the introduction of the allergen to the patient in small doses over a long period of time, causing a gradual addictive to it. The most common currently are subcutaneous and oral administration methods of the allergen. Products containing the allergen are injected under the special scheme, which can be year-round or seasonal. Success in the treatment of allergies methods SITH reaches 90%.

So, take a trip to the allergist, ask him, do vaccinations against allergens allergic to cats. This is considered the only reliable method adopted by the who as a way to combat allergies. Once a week will drive themselves / to carry a child to an allergist for primelock during the year, then every two weeks, for 4-6 months, then once a month, then every three to four months. The full dose of the allergen will reach in a year, if the usual method would be to vaccinate. The protective effect will be within 2-3 months. If a high-speed method you can do these vaccinations, then the full dose you will reach in a couple of weeks, i.e. you will have almost total protection from cats.

How to eliminate pet allergies without medication?

The Council “to throw the cat out of the house and microsite dust on the furniture in the trash” is unacceptable and categorically impossible and excluded? Because the cat – soul mate, a family member, the one and only best friend? Thank you for this solution!

If you can’t or don’t want for some reason to give the pet to other people, then you need to follow a few immutable rules.

Clean air is one of the main tools for combating allergies, but not only Purchase an air conditioning system, an air filter for the ventilation system and air purifier. You can buy 5-testamentary air cleaner that removes dust and all the microbes and bacteria clinging to it. Use an air purifier with HEPA filter. This will reduce the content of animal dander in the air. As often as you can open the Windows and doors and use exhaust fans that your house was well ventilated.

· Must as often as possible (ideally every day) to do throughout the house wet cleaning. Regularly dust and vacuum. Often arrange General cleaning that needs to be done very carefully to destroy all the wool left by the pet.

Get rid of carpets, carpets, heavy curtains. they retain allergens. Wash your walls and floors to get rid of dust and allergens can help vacuum cleaner for Allergy sufferers, especially if it is of good quality. For example, company Dyson. These cleaners a very good filtering and therefore all (wool, pieces of skin, etc. what is the allergen) is sucked and discharged to the outside. Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. This will help build a more dandruff and prevent its spread.

· The cat should always be clean, so your home will need it often to bathe. It is known that a weekly wash cat with plain water helps keep the allergies in the house. Research Center for the study of asthma and allergic diseases, University of Virginia, USA has revealed a very interesting and useful fact: it turns out that ordinary water removes 79% of the allergen, and the soap is only 44%.You must ensure that the cat did not develop any disease of the skin caused by excessive bathing, lesions of ticks, fleas, as this can cause increased scaling of the skin and lead to increased spread of allergens. It is useful to comb the cat with a special brush, this will help reduce the amount of hair that can fall and stay down, causing you allergies. Regularly visivite cat, ideally every day. This can be done by a family member without allergies to cats (naturally, not in your room). Do not forget to wash the tray and toys your cat every week.

Make sure