January 2020
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Eye allergies and how to fight it

Eye allergies and how to fight itThis year in new York and many other States doctors registered the highest number of complaints of allergies, including from those people who never before from this disease did not suffer. Often, the disease affects the eyes, as they are in direct contact with the environment. Redness, itching and watery eyes are signs of inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, or conjunctivitis. The main issues about allergies in the eyes of our magazine responded ophthalmologist Julia Giyaur.

In connection with this spring so dramatically increased the number of people with allergies?

The main reason was the prolonged winter, after which coincided with the time of flowering of all plants. As a result, in the air jumped a record amount of pollen.

Why more and more people complain, even if neither they nor their parents from allergies have never suffered?

Many people first experience symptoms of Allergy only in adulthood. This is because some of the stimuli of the body reacts immediately, but only at the second meeting with them. Also the cause of allergies may be a change of residence in a new country one is confronted with unfamiliar plants. In new York over the last 40 years has been actively planted new trees maple and lentils, and only males.

With them not fall to the ground pods and seeds, but plenty of flying pollen… right on the mucous membrane of the eye, causing irritation.

What symptoms do you turn to most often?

Basically it is eye redness, itching, swollen eyelids, watering, photophobia. In children allergic to the eyes often associated with complications such as rhinitis, sometimes asthma. It is important to remember that red eyes can be a symptom of a large number of other diseases, including bacterial and viral, threatening vision.

How dangerous is allergic conjunctivitis?

In severe the disease may be caused by a lesion of the cornea. However, it is often enough just to eliminate the allergen to get rid of the symptoms once and for all. If ophthalmologist difficulty with the diagnosis, he refers the patient to an allergist to determine the exact cause of the ailment. When the diagnosis is made, treatment begins. Usually prescribed antihistamine drops, sometimes – cortisone (anti-inflammatory) funds.

Whether self-treatment allergies?

Many people with redness of the eyes go to the drugstore and choose the first tool that promises to quickly rid them of unpleasant symptoms. Practice shows that an ignorant person is almost impossible to self-diagnose myself and choose the drug from a huge range presented today. In addition, the most popular eye drops are addictive. It is also important to remember that in many means, provided in the pharmacy, contains the preservative itself is the allergen. Therefore, only qualified personnel may consider all factors and choose the right method of treatment.

If you are sure on one hundred percent that you have allergic conjunctivitis, you may find the following advice: boil 1 tsp series and 1 tsp of marigold in two cups of boiling water, cool and make lotions and drink the infusion. This helps to alleviate the symptoms of Allergy eyes, but in any case not cancel the visit to the doctor. In the early stages can completely cure the disease and avoid complications. In our medical office offers effective methods for maintaining eye health in the period of seasonal allergies and in the course of the year.

Talked Anastasia Khomyakov

Dr. Julia Giyaur